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Reasons and solutions for ripples on LCD screen when pressed    Date:2023-10-07

When we use an LCD screen, sometimes ripples appear when the screen is pressed. This phenomenon will not only affect our usage experience, but may also cause damage to the screen. So why does this happen? This article will analyze the causes of ripples on the LCD screen from multiple aspects and provide solutions to help users better understand and solve this problem.


Uneven screen pressure


1: The LCD screen is composed of a liquid crystal and a backlight module. When we press the screen, if the pressure is uneven, the liquid crystal molecules will be unevenly arranged, causing ripples.

2: Uneven pressure may be caused by inconsistent finger strength or uneven screen surface.


Screen material problem


1: The material of the LCD screen will also affect the appearance of press ripples. If the screen material is thin or has poor elasticity, it will easily produce ripples when pressed.

2: The quality of the screen material will also affect the pressure ripple. If the screen material is uneven or has defects, it will cause ripples.

Screen backlight module problem



1: The screen backlight module is an important part of the LCD screen. If there is a problem with the backlight module, it will also cause pressure ripples.

2: Problems with the backlight module may include uneven brightness of the backlight source, loose connection of the backlight module, etc.


Use environment issues


1: The problem of pressing ripples on the LCD screen may also be related to the usage environment. For example, if the ambient temperature is low, the screen material will become harder and prone to ripples.

2: Humidity, static electricity and other factors in the use environment may also affect the pressure ripples of the screen.



Method 1: Apply pressure evenly

1: When pressing the screen, we should try to apply force evenly and avoid using excessive force or pressing with only one finger.

2: You can try to use multiple fingers to press the screen at the same time to disperse the pressure and reduce the generation of ripples.

Method 2: Adjust the environment

1: When using an LCD screen, we can try to avoid using it in an environment with low temperature or high humidity to reduce the possibility of the screen material becoming hard or affected by moisture.

2: Keeping the use environment dry and at a suitable temperature can reduce the occurrence of pressing ripples.


Method 3: Replace the screen

1: If the above method does not work, there may be a problem with the screen itself and the screen needs to be replaced.

2: When replacing the screen, we can choose a better quality LCD screen to avoid material problems or backlight module problems.


Through the analysis of the above aspects, we can better understand the reasons for ripples when pressing the LCD screen and take corresponding solutions. I hope this article will be helpful to readers and enable everyone to better use LCD screens.

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