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What are the general technical parameters of LCD    Date:2022-09-09
The maximum brightness of the liquid crystal display is usually determined by the backlight. Technically, high brightness can be achieved, but this does not mean that the higher the brightness value, the better, because a display with too high brightness may cause eye injury to the viewer. LCD is a substance between solid state and liquid state. It cannot emit light by itself, so it needs additional light sources. Therefore, the number of lamps is related to the brightness of the liquid crystal display.

resolving power
Resolution refers to the number of display pixels per unit area. The physical resolution of the liquid crystal display is fixed. For the CRT display, different resolutions can be changed as long as the deflection voltage of the electron beam is adjusted. However, it is much more complicated to implement in the LCD. It is necessary to simulate the display effect through calculation. In fact, the resolution has not changed. Since not all pixels are enlarged at the same time, there is a scaling error. When the LCD is used in a non-standard resolution, the text display effect will deteriorate and the edges of the text will be blurred. 


Of course, the most important thing about LCD is its color performance. We know that any color in nature is composed of three basic colors: red, green and blue. For example, resolution 1024 × 768 LCD panel is composed of 1024 × 768 pixels constitute the display, and each independent pixel color is controlled by three basic colors: red, green and blue (R, G and b). Most manufacturers produce liquid crystal displays, each basic color (R, G, b) reaches 6 bits, that is, 64 expressivity, so each independent pixel has 64 × sixty-four × 64 = 262144 colors. Many manufacturers also use the so-called FRC (frame rate control) technology to simulate the full-color picture, that is, if each basic color (R, G, b) can reach 8 bits, that is, 256 degrees of expression, then each independent pixel has up to 256 × two hundred and fifty-six × 256 = 16777216 colors.

contrast ratio
Contrast is defined as the ratio of the maximum luminance value (all white) divided by the minimum luminance value (all black). The control IC, filter, orientation film and other accessories used in LCD manufacturing are related to the contrast of the panel.
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