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brightness The maximum brightness of the liquid crystal display is usually determined by the backlight. Technically, high brightness can be achieved, but this does not mean that the higher the brightness value, the better, because a display with too high brightness may cause eye injury to the viewer. LCD is a substance between solid state and liquid state. It cannot emit light by itself, so it needs additional light sources. Therefore, the number of lamps is related to the brightness of the liq...
The observation information of the voltage test is the logic output value of the circuit under test. This method obtains the logical output value of the corresponding circuit by inputting different test vectors to the circuit, and then compares the collected logical output value of the circuit with the expected logical output value of the circuit corresponding to the input vector to achieve the purpose of detecting whether the circuit can achieve the expected logical function in the actual opera...
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Eurotech is a worldwide supplier and exporter of electronic components, specializing in ICs, LCDs, Memory, Chips, computer parts, networking equipments and other passive components. Eurotech offers a variety of inventory business solution to meet the needs of our...
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