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Four focus widescreen LCD screen Pu
1 why widescreen LCD is the future direction of development Part of the net friend questioned considered widescreen LCD stockpile too much, the businessman conduct propaganda widescreen LCD benefits, in order to achieve the purpose of clearance. First, we can look at the widescreen LCD screen LCD size and common development. Since last July, a manufacturer launched a 23 inch general screen of liquid crystal and general screen LCD has stalled dev...
LCD MP3 display screen type explanation
In the MP3 purchase, the importance of the screen is becoming more and more prominent. For the MP3 previously only pay attention to the product, with the addition of more use of visual features, the screen is also highlights the importance of. And many manufacturers are using this to optimize their products and increase the attractiveness of their products. Now on the market of MP3 Walkman generally have a display, and a variety of color backli...
Comparison of LCD and conventional display
Although the product purchase and display principle are not the same, liquid crystal display (LCD) and the traditional display (CRT) of the common purpose is to achieve good results, and now we have a comparison of CRT and TFT LCD monitor. Structure and the volume of the product: the traditional CRT display must be by an electron gun emitting electron beam to the screen, and kinescope tube can not be too short, when the screen is increased to inc.
Why Eurotech Excellent
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